About Us

KH Group Research & Analytics is a company whose sole mission is to optimize Hospitality & Lodging operations on the African continent and further afield.

Our Mission

KH Research & Analytics (KH R&A) is an industry resource founded on the sole mission of optimizing hospitality & lodging operations on the African continent and beyond.

From travelers and hospitality experts to seasoned and aspiring real estate investors, we offer a range of services to facilitate efficient decision-making.

Our Vision

Founded in 2015, KH R&A aims to showcase hotels and lodging facilities in Africa in addition to providing services related to revenue management, competitors, comparables, and more.

Our mission at KH R&A is to provide representation and essential tools to increase the chances of success for hotels & lodges across regions. Here at KH R&A, we believe that providing this geographical representation will contribute positively towards a competitive industry, one that helps to improve industry standards.

For Industry Experts

Using data collected by KH Research & Analytics, hotel owners and management professionals will be able to better understand their respective markets and find opportunities for business improvement.

Using the data, research, and analytics tools that we provide, investors can make key decisions and help them identify key opportunities. KH R&A’s services can also be used by researchers, tourism agencies, brokers, and even travelers looking for detailed information on a particular property.

For Travelers

We offer information about the best places to stay, local happenings, great cuisine, sights to see, and more.

Comprehensive details about a traveler’s hotel of choice are available with just one click of a button. Get up to date information about hotel amenities, contact information, up-to-date pictures, and room rates for most of the properties listed on our portal. It’s all the hotel information a traveler needs in one place.

How We Can Help


Capitalize on the research we collect daily to gain a unique perspective into the independent hospitality industry.


Gain access to timely, verified, and reliable information that keeps you up to speed and in the know, 24/7/365.


At KH Research & Analytics, we make use of the most cutting-edge digital technology for accurate data analysis. As our client, you will be equipped with the most reliable and up-to-date tools available on the market, so that you never miss an opportunity.


Recent global developments have forced a shift in perspective for many industries including hospitality, and all signs point to the emergence of hotels as community hubs and beacons. Borrowing from this new trend, our goal is to create opportunities for fellowship, a space where hospitality professionals can come together to discuss the current state of the industry and share insights.

Our Founder

Brian Kalunga

Brian has over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry, consulting for notable brands such as Marriott, Choice, InterContinental, Wyndham, and Hilton. Brian has always believed in the power of data-driven decision-making and briefly worked as a research analyst for a large commercial real estate information company where he learned about the many applications of data analytics. His interest was piqued, and the idea of using data to revolutionize the hospitality & lodging industry was born. With his extensive knowledge of hotel operations, Brian understands what the industry needs and aims to provide the best tools to support the hotel industry in its growth and success.

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